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Celebrating equality and inclusion

Linda Riley - Founder of the Pride Power List
Linda Riley - Founder of the Pride Power List

When we launched the Pride Power List in 2012, it was a struggle for us to find 100 names worthy of inclusion. Since then, in part thanks to initiatives like the Pride Power List itself, LGBTQI+ people and their achievements have become increasingly visible to the point that, this year, we received more than 5,000 nominations. We’ve also added a listing for allies. I have always believed that together we are stronger and I want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to everyone who has stood alongside their LGBT-QI+ friends and colleagues to fight for equality and inclusion while rejecting prejudice and exclusion.


Olly Alexander

Singer, actor


Olly is known for being the lead singer of Years & Years and is also an actor. Most famously, this year he starred in Channel 4’s history-making drama It’s A Sin. He performed the song of the same name alongside Sir Elton John at the BRIT Awards 2021.


2 Nancy Kelley

CEO of Stonewall


As the CEO of Stonewall, Nancy endeavours to ensure that the benefits of social change are felt by all members of the LGBTQI community, including people of colour and those in poverty.


Phyll Opoku-Gyimah

Co-Founder & Director of UK Black Pride, Executive Director of Kaleidoscope Trust


Executive Director of Kaleidoscope Trust and Co-Founder and Director of UK Black Pride, Lady Phyll has a phenomenal track record in successfully campaigning for the better treatment of LGBTQI people of colour. She passionately stands up for the rights of the community across the world.


Sandi Toksvig OBE

Writer and broadcaster, actor, comedian, presenter, producer


Sandi has appeared in Mock The Week, Whose Line Is It Anyway? and as a host on The Great British Bake Off and the BBC’s QI. She has been a lifelong campaigner for LGBTQI rights and co-founded the Women’s Equality Party in 2015.


Peter Tatchell

LGBTQI campaigner, activist


Peter has been a persistent and powerful presence in the history of LGBTQI and human rights advancements in the UK for over 50 years. He is the founder of the Peter Tatchell Foundation. A documentary of his life, Hating Peter Tatchell, was released on Netflix in 2021.


Munroe Bergdorf

Model, social activist


Munroe is courageous and tireless in her activism. A regular speaker on panels around the world, she is unafraid to call out hypocrisy in the media industry.


Dr Ranj Singh

​TV presenter, columnist, author, doctor


Ranj is the resident doctor on This Morning, and in 2020 became the host of Dr Ranj: On Call. In April, he announced he would appear in his own West End show, Scrubs To Sparkles.


Owen Jones

Political commentator, journalist, activist


Owen is a columnist for The Guardian and his work has also been published in The Independent and New Statesman. He is author of several books and in 2020, launched his own video channel, OwenJones.TV, designed to challenge corporate media.


Sheldon Mills

Chair of Trustees at Stonewall


Sheldon was appointed Stonewall’s new Chair of Trustees in 2020. During his time, he’s been involved with Stonewall’s move to become trans-inclusive and has long supported Stonewall’s partnership with UK Black Pride.


Jake Graf & Hannah Graf MBE

Writer, director and actor @JakeGraf1

Patron of Mermaids, Ambassador for LGBT Sport Cymru @hannahw253

Jake and Hannah were the stars of Channel 4’s documentary Our Baby: A Modern Miracle, in which we follow their journey to become parents to their daughter Millie. Hannah was formerly the highest-ranking transgender officer in the British Army and Jake is an actor, director and producer. They are both trans rights activists.


11 Sir Ian McKellen

Actor and activist


Sir Ian is one of the UK’s most beloved and successful actors. He co-founded LGBTQI rights organisation, Stonewall, and is committed to legal and social equality for all LGBTQI people.

12 Bobbi Pickard

Co-Founder of Trans In The City, Stonewall Housing Golden Champion


An extremely active member of the transgender community, Bobbi brings her project and programme management skills from her successful career at BP to Trans In The City, the collaborative organisation that increases awareness and education of trans issues.

13 Michael Cashman CBE

LGBTQI activist


Michael’s activism has been integral to the forward momentum of LGBTQI rights for over 30 years. In addition to his acting career, he was a co-founder of Stonewall and was a Labour politician for several decades. His autobiography, One Of Them: From Albert Square To Parliament Square, was published in 2020.

14 Gina Yashere



Gina has appeared on television shows such as Live At The Apollo and Mock The Week. She has just released her memoir Cack-Handed in the United States and looks forward to releasing here in early July.

15 Stephen Fry

Actor, presenter, writer, comedian, activist


With a career in television spanning 40 years, Stephen Fry is extremely vocal in his support for LGBTQI rights across the world. He has worked with many charities such as Stonewall and the AIDS Memorial Campaign.

16 Ben Hunte

BBC’s first LGBT correspondent


Ben was appointed the BBC’s first ever LGBT correspondent in 2019, topping the PPL the following year. In 2020, he also became the corporation’s West Africa Correspondent.

17 Hannah Bardell MP



As the SNP MP for Livingston, Hannah has served the constituency since 2015. She is a fantastic role model for the LGBTQI community and ensures fair representation for her constituents.

18 Christopher Joell-Deshields

Executive Director of Pride in London


Chris took over as Executive Director of Pride in London earlier this year, after five key board members resigned following controversy surrounding the organisation’s POC representation.

19 Amazin LeThi

Global LGBTQI advocate, keynote speaker, athlete, cultural change leader.


Amazin is the only Asian LGBTQI Athlete to simultaneously hold six LGBTQI sports ambassador roles across the world. She is a fierce campaigner for Asian LGBTQI rights.

20 Darren Styles

Owner of Attitude magazine


Darren is the first gay owner of Attitude. He has transformed the magazine into a multi-platform media business and created the Attitude Magazine Foundation, which has raised thousands of pounds for LGBTQI causes.

21 Horse McDonald



Horse McDonald is a singer songwriter and campaigner. In 2020, a portrait of Horse by artist Roxana Halls was acquired by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, and now hangs in the Great Hall.

22 Lisa Power MBE

LGBTQI rights campaigner


Lifelong activist Lisa is a co-founder of LGBTQI charity Stonewall and has worked with organisations including THT, Switchboard and the Queer Britain Museum. In 2021, she was awarded the DIVA Hall of Fame award.

23 Ben Cohen

CEO of Pink News


Ben is CEO of PinkNews, the world’s most read and watched LGBT+ digital media publisher. Founder of the Out4Marriage campaign, Ben is also a former Channel 4 news correpondent and trustee of Humanity & Inclusion UK.

24 Bisi Alimi

Founder & Executive Director of Bisi Alimi Foundation


Bisi is a gay rights and HIV activist. He was the first person to come out as gay on Nigerian television. He founded the Bisi Alimi Foundation, which advocates for the rights and dignity of LGBTQI people in Nigeria, taking people from invisibility to visibility.

25 Jameela Jamil

Actor, presenter, model, activist


After a successful presenting career, Jameela landed a starring role in hit US sitcom, The Good Place. She also created an online community called I Weigh, which aims to “amplify, advocate and pass the mic”.

26 Annie Wallace

Actor, campaigner


A patron of Mermaids, Annie works tirelessly to support and promote the needs of LGBTQI community. As an actor, she is most famous for her ground-breaking role in Hollyoaks and was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA in 2016.

27 Ryan John Butcher

Editor of Pink News


Ryan is an award-winning journalist and editor who uses his platform to call out those who have fallen short in their support of the LGBTQI community. Before joining PinkNews, he worked for leading publications including The Independent and Gay Times.

28 Cliff Joannou

Editor-in-chief of Attitude magazine


Cliff is a writer, activist and editor-in-chief at Attitude. Formerly of QX magazine, he first joined the publication in 2015, and uses his influence to push for change on issues such as HIV stigma and transphobia.

29 Dawn Airey

Chair of Barclays FA Women’s Super League & FA Women’s Championship


Dawn has worked in the media industry for over 30 years, previously being the CEO of Getty. She is currently chair of Barclays FA Women’s Super League and FA Women’s Championship.

30 Jack Monroe

Author, cook, activist


Jack started their blog, A Girl Called Jack, where they shared cheap recipes for sustaining themselves on the living wage. Jack is a prominent activist for LGBTQI causes, and was particularly vocal during lockdown about the free school meal voucher scheme.

31 Dr Ronx

A&E Doctor & TV presenter


Dr. Ronx rose to fame on the show The Unshockable Dr Ronx on BBC. They are proudly trans and non-binary, helping people become more open to and raising awareness of queer identities. Their motto is, “You cannot be what you do not see.”

32 James Frost

Publisher of Gay Times


Alongside owning Gay Times, James is the founder of Coast Digital, a digital marketing agency. The company has previously been featured in New Media Age as a Top 100 Interactive Agency.

33 Jane Hill

Journalist, broadcaster


Jane is a BBC News journalist and presenter. Her remarkable broadcasting career has spanned several decades. She is a champion for LGBTQI rights and diversity and inclusion. Jane has been a steady face for us all throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

34 Jamie Windust

Author, presenter, model


Jamie is a contributing editor at Gay Times and has also written articles for other publications. They regularly speak at panels on non-binary identity, freelance journalism and LGBTQI equality.

35 Heather Peace

Actor, musician


Heather has starred in UK television dramas including Silent Witness, Holby City and Lip Service. She is a singer-songwriter and recently released Heather Peace Live, which she recorded during the pandemic. Heather is an advocate for LGBTQI equality causes.

36 Joseph Galliano

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Queer Britain


Joe is CEO of Queer Britain, an organisation that aims to create the UK’s first national LGBTQI museum, bringing together unique artefacts and stories which celebrate lives that have impacted Britain and helped shape our society.

37 Russell T Davies

Screenwriter, television producer


Russell has been writing for our screens since the 1980s. He has written for mainstream TV shows including Doctor Who and Coronation Street, but has also written LGBTQI-specific series such as Queer as Folk and, more recently, the award-winning It’s A Sin.

38 Jordan Gray

Comedian, screenwriter


Rising to fame on The Voice, Jordan has since moved into comedy as a writer and performer, most recently writing and starring in Transaction, a Comedy Central original mini-series.

39 Sue Sanders

Chair of Schools OUT UK


Sue Sanders provides educational resources for LGBTQI history. She has worked in the charity sector for over 40 years, challenging oppression while supporting voices and visibility of the UK’s rich queer history.

40 Lianne Sanderson



Lianne made her international football debut in 2006 as a forward. She has been outspoken against the inequalities in the world of women’s football and campaigns for LGBTQI rights. She is also a pundit for Sky Sports.

41 Ian H Watkins

Singer, performer


Ian is also known as “H from Steps”. In 2020, he made TV history by competing on Dancing On Ice as one half of a same-sex coupling, the first pairing of that kind on the show. He is father to twin boys.

42 Carrie Lyell

Editor-in-chief of DIVA magazine


Carrie joined DIVA in 2013 and became editor-in-chief in 2017. She has also written for many other publications including The Guardian, The Independent, Metro and Gay Times. In 2021, Carrie was named one of Attitude Magazine’s 101 LGBTQ trailblazers changing the world.

43 Miriam Faber

Head of Content at Facebook


Miriam is a D&I activist with 17 years of experience. She comes from a journalistic and editorial background, with a particular interest in youth culture.

44 Dan Gillespie Sells

Singer-songwriter, performer


Dan is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist, best known as being the lead vocalist and front-man for the rock group The Feeling and composer of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

45 Charlie Martin

British racing car driver, trans rights activist


Charlie is a British racing car driver and transgender rights activist who competes in endurance racing. This year she participated in the Britcar Championship with teammate Jack Fabby.

46 Valentino Vecchietti

Intersex activist, journalist


Valentino works within TV, film and theatre as a consultant on projects concerning intersex human rights. She also provides seminars, talks and workshops on improving intersex representation and inclusion in the media, and in 2021 redesigned the Pride Progress flag to make it intersex inclusive..

47 Jayne Ozanne

Christian & LGBTQI rights campaigner


Jayne is a prominent British evangelical Anglican. Having come out as gay in 2015, she campaigns for LGBTQI equality within the Church of England and the wider evangelical community. She was the driving force behind the banning of conversion therapy in the UK.

48 Liz Carr

Actor, activist


After many years starring in Silent Witness, Liz decided to leave the show last year. She is set to appear in The Witcher season two, which will be released later this year. For over 20 years, Liz has campaigned for disability and LGBTQI rights.

49 Cathryn Wright

Managing Director of Sedulo


The managing director of Sedulo, Cathryn also heads up the award-winning advisory firm and investment house’s London office. She was previously managing director of Stonewall.

50 Tom Allen



Tom is best known for TV appearances including co-hosting Bake Off: The Professionals. A hilarious stand-up, he wows audiences with his sharp tongue and hyperbolic, camp delivery. His book, No Shame, is due for release this year..

51 Vincent Francois

Regional Chief Audit Executive & UK Pride Allies Network Senior Executive Sponsor, Société Géneralé


Vincent founded the first ever LGBTQ+ network in a French bank over a decade ago. He is now its Senior Executive Sponsor and has been key in how Société Générale has provided support to multiple LGBTQ+ events and charities.

52 Claire Harvey MBE

Global Inclusion Lead at Vodafone


A GB paralympian in sitting volleyball and track and field, Claire became a Trustee of Diversity Role Models after stepping down as their CEO at the end of 2018. She has recently joined Vodafone as their Global Inclusion Lead.

53 Kelly Simmons OBE

Women’s Professional Game Director at FA


Kelly joined the Football Association from Warwick University in 1990. In the 2021 Queens Birthday honours she was awarded an OBE for her services to women’s football.

54 jane fae

Journalist, writer


jane is a journalist and campaigner. As well as writing for publications including The Guardian and The Independent, she is director of TransActual and chair of Trans Media Watch.

55 Hugo Greenhalgh

Editor of Openly


After over a decade at the Financial Times, Hugo is the LGBT+ editor of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Reuters, and editor of its LGBT+ news website

56 Daniel Lismore

Fabric sculptor, designer, campaigner


Daniel has been named by Vogue as England’s most eccentric dresser. He is a TED speaker and in 2019 opened Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief runway show at the British Museum.

57 Arlene McDermott

Portfolio Director at London Stock Exchange Group


Arlene is co-chair of Proud, the London Stock Exchange Group’s LGBTQI network. She is a specialist with over 10 years’ experience in the design and delivery of large-scale change and transformation programmes for enterprise-wide initiatives.

58 Dan Hughes

Public Relations


Daniel is the founder of ThisGeneration, a leading LGBTQI PR firm whose clients include the DIVA Awards and the British LGBT Awards. His expertise in spearheading campaigns has seen him work with individuals as diverse as The Labour Party and Westlife.

59 Charlie Craggs

Transgender activist, author


Charlie is an award-winning author who is best known for her Nail Transphobia campaign. She has been described by Vogue as “the voice of a community”.

60 Tim Jarman

Diversity & Inclusion Lead for the UK, Ireland & Western Europe at Microsoft


Tim is an experienced Diversity & Inclusion professional with a passion for building a culture of inclusion and belonging. He is a driving force of LGBTQI diversity in the workplace.

61 Edward Enninful OBE

Editor-in-chief of British Vogue


In December 2020 Edward was announced as Vogue’s European editorial director. He was honoured for his services to diversity at The Fashion Awards 2020.

62 Pav Akhtar

Director at UK Black Pride


Pav provides a place for celebration and advocacy for LGBTQI people of colour across the UK. He is an advocate for equality in employment laws amongst these groups.

63 Paul Martin OBE

Chief Executive of LGBT Foundation



In 2011, Paul received an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for his services to equal opportunities. In addition to his role as CEO of The LGBT Foundation, he is Chair of the National LGBT Partnership.

64 Andrew “Drew” Dalton

Chair of Trustees & Founder of ReportOUT


Andrew is the founder and chair of ReportOUT, a charity which reports, informs and defends against human rights abuses towards sexual and gender minorities across the globe.

65 Natasha Walker

Co-chair of Switchboard


Alongside being the co-chair of Switchboard, Natasha is the co-host of The Log Books, a podcast centred around queer history looking through the log books of Switchboard.

66 Jack Holden

Actor, Writer, Producer


Jack made his playwriting debut with his one man show Cruise, which opened in London during May 2021. He was inspired by a phone call he received while volunteering for the Charity LGBT Switchboard.

67 Mzz Kimberley/Kim Tatum

Singer, actor


Kim was the first trans woman to present the first LGBT+ award for the Black British Theatre Awards for Sky television. She is the founding director of Mzz Kimberley’s LIFE, amplifying trans voices across the entertainment industry.

68 Mark Summers

Casting Director


Mark was a child actor in musicals, he started his first casting company from a spare room, at age 17 and hasn’t ever looked back. He uses his platform to support the LGBTQI community at all levels.

69 Alex Enness-Laporte

Co-Chair of Unity UK&I, EY’s LGBT+ network


Alex leads the wellbeing strategy, ensuring members feel welcome, like they belong and have access to LGBT+ EY resources on mental health. She speaks on panels about LBT+ issues and was a lead for the Alt Women Conference in 2019. She runs the global Women and Non-Binary Community of Unity group.

70 Ben Firth

Trustee at MindOut, Co-Chair of Unity UK&I, EY’s LGBT+ network


Ben works with EY leadership to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and drive allyship. He leads the strategy on underrepresented LGBT+ communities driving change for bi+, trans and non-binary and intersectional identities. He speaks on various panels and last year raised over £3k for MindOut.

71 Richard Angell

Campaigns Director at Terrence Higgins Trust


Campaigners director at THT and trustee of Kaleidoscope Trust, Richard is also a newspaper reviewer on Sky and a communications, fundraising and policy strategist.

72 Reeta Loi

Founder & CEO of Gaysians


Reeta Loi is the CEO of Gaysians, bringing together resources, networks and organisations related to being queer and South Asian. She is a reporter for Vice and a contributing editor for Gay Times.

73 Mark Gossington

Partner at KPMG Australia


Co-chair of Pride@KPMG Australia, Mark featured in the Financial Times OUTstanding Leading LGBT Executives Top 100. He is a leading figure on LGBTQI business inclusion issues.

74 Mandu Reid

Leader of the Women’s Equality Party


Mandu is the UK’s first black, bisexual leader of a political party who spent 12 years working in City Hall. In 2021 ran for Mayor of London.

75 Anna Kear

CEO of Tonic Housing


Anna became CEO of Tonic Housing in 2018, playing a pivotal role in creating the first LGBTQI+ affirming retirement community, which is due to open in the capital this summer.

76 Chloe Morgan



Chloe is a goalkeeper, currently playing for Crystal Palace. She is on the board of Women In Football and is the Director and coach of M-Power Goalkeeper Coaching.

77 Liv Little

Founder of gal-dem


gal-dem is a critically acclaimed magazine championing the creative contributions of women and non-binary people of colour. In 2020 Liv was named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 - Europe - Media & Marketing list.

78 Chris Paouros

Chair of the Executive Committee of the Women’s Equality Party


Outside the Women’s Equality Party, Chris is a trustee of Kick It Out, football’s equality and inclusion organisation, and Just Like Us, an LGBTQI+ charity for young people.

79 Lauren Rowles MBE

British parasport rower


Lauren won a Paralympic gold medal at the Rio 2016 Games. She was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 2016 for her services to rowing.

80 Adam McCann

Chief Executive Officer of Diversity Role Models


Adam has been CEO since 2019 having previously worked in the legal industry as a diversity and inclusion professional, responsible for the development and execution of D&I strategy.

81 Laila El-Metoui

Equity & Belonging Consultant


Laila was the Stonewall Lesbian Role Model of the Year 2020. She is also the founder of Pride in Education, the largest LGBTQI+ global inclusion conference in education.

82 Ki Griffin

Actor, activist


Ki is Hollyoaks’ first intersex and non-binary actor on the show, playing Ripley Lennox. They are also an intersex rights activist.

83 Jacquie Lawrence

Director of Jackdaw Media

Jacquie launched the successful podcast series HenPower during 2020. She wrote the novel Different For Girls, which was turned into a series. The sequel, Same But Different, was published in 2020.

84 Kelly Valentine Hendry

Casting director


Kelly is founder of inclusive company KVH Casting. She advocates for better LGBTQI+ representation in film and television, and cast recent Netflix hit Bridgerton.

85 Jacqui Lloyd

Senior Vice President & Apprenticeship Lead at Citi


Jacqui is the co-chair of Citi Pride LGBT Network, delivering initiatives, programmes and events which support and empower LGBT+ network members. She is also a Diversity Role Model for the charity.

86 Rob Davey

Trustee of Bi Pride UK


Rob works to improve diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace and is currently Vice President of Strategy for the Intellectual Property Group at Clarivate. He is a Trustee of Bi Pride UK.

87 Holly Greenberry

Co-Founder & Co-Director of Intersex UK


Holly is a campaigner for intersex rights and the co-founder of Intersex UK, a charity focusing on intersex education and consultancy, raising public awareness for the intersex community.

88 Kayza Rose

Activist, filmmaker


COO of AZ magazine, an online publication for people of colour, Kayza is also head of external events at UK Black Pride and an Arts Council England ChangeMaker.

89 Helen Belcher

Activist, politician


Helen is the Wiltshire & Corsham Town Councillor. She is also the co-founder of Trans Media Watch, a charity working to improve media coverage of transgender and intersex issues.

90 Simon Blake OBE

CEO of Mental Health First Aid


Simon is deputy chair at Stonewall. He previously chaired Diversity Role Models and is committed to achieving equality for LGBTQI people at all stages of life.

91 Hazell Dean

Musician, activist


Hazell has committed herself to being a prominent member of the LGBTQI community, performing at Pride events across the world. She is a patron of Pride in Surrey.

92 Philip Baldwin

Human rights & LGBTQI+ activist, columnist


Philip is a human rights and LGBTQI+ activist, columnist and radio host. He co-hosts a radio show for Soho Radio. Philip is a trustee of the Ozanne Foundation and a Stonewall Role Model.

93 Libby Baxter-Williams

Director of Biscuit


Libby is the Director of the bisexual women’s advocacy organisation, Biscuit. She hosts events especially for bisexual people, campaigns against bi erasure and works with LGBTQI organisations to improve bi representation at all levels.

94 Chay Brown

Director of TransActual


Chay is director of TransActual, a game-changing organisation that provides a positive antidote to transphobia online. They educate people about trans people’s lives and the issues the community faces.

95 Spencer Cooper

Founder of For The Love of Queers


Spencer is the co-host of podcast Queer Talk and founder of platform For The Love of Queers. He has also worked with Troglo supporting queer sexual health.

96 Tim Sigsworth MBE

CEO of akt


Tim is an activist and international adviser on mental health and homelessness issues. He received an MBE in 2016 and has been an activist for over 30 years.

97 Krishna Omkar

Lawyer & Advocate for Inclusion & Equity


Krishna was named Stonewall’s Gay Role Model of the Year in 2018, in recognition of his work on LGBTQI inclusion in the workplace. He is a board member for Queer Britain.

98 Stephen Ireland

Founder of Surrey LGBTQ Pride


Stephen founded Surrey LGBTQ Pride in 2019 and creates events and safe spaces for Surrey’s LGBTQI community. He is also a patron of LGBTQI charity Educate & Celebrate.

99 Nichi Hodgson, Lewis Oakley and Ashley Byrne

Podcast co-hosts


A podcast dedicated to people who identify as bi giving them the opportunity to come together and celebrate their sexuality. Presented by Nichi Hodgson, Lewis Oakley and Ashley Byrne.

100 Owen J Hurcum

Mayor of Bangor


Owen is the world’s first non-binary mayor and Wales’ youngest ever elected mayor. They were elected in 2021. They are an advocate and activist for the LGBTQI community.


Public figures standing up for LGBTQI rights

Beverley Knight MBE

Recording artist and musical theatre actor @Beverleyknight

Beverley has been a long-time ally of the LGBTQI community. She is a patron of the Terrence Higgins Trust and won the Attitude Ally Award in 2016.

Daniel Radcliffe


In 2020 Daniel wrote a powerful essay for The Trevor Project. He said, “We need to do more to support transgender and non-binary people, not invalidate their identities, and not cause further harm.”

Idris Elba

Actor, writer and producer @idriselba

This year Idris was one of 67 high profile people of Ghanaian heritage who signed an open letter calling for Ghana’s president to engage with the country’s LGBTQI population.

Jordan Henderson MBE

Professional Footballer - Liverpool Football Club @JHenderson

Jordan’s support of the LGBTQI community was celebrated this year when he was nominated for the special Football Ally award at the British LGBT Awards 2021.

Michelle Visage

Media personality and TV host @michellevisage

Michelle won the Attitude Ally Award in 2020 for her support of the LGBTQI community. As a public speaker she increases awareness and acceptance of the community, fighting for LGBTQI rights.

Naomi Campbell

Model, actor and businesswoman @NaomiCampbell

Earlier this year, Naomi was one of 67 celebrities and politicians of Ghanaian heritage who signed an open letter criticising Ghana’s stance on LGBTQI issues.

Nicola Sturgeon

First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party @NicolaSturgeon

In January 2021 Nicola spoke out about trans rights, condemning transphobia after accusations that the SNP has become a “hub” of anti-trans rhetoric.

Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London @SadiqKhan

Reelected Mayor of London in May this year, Sadiq has always been a vocal ally to the LGBTQI community. In 2021, he flew the lesbian flag above City Hall for Lesbian Visibility Week.

Simon Cowell

TV personality, entrepreneur and record executive @SimonCowell

Simon has been a longtime supporter of the LGBTQI community, most recently speaking out in support of Phillip Schofield after his public announcement.


Singer, songwriter and television personality @sinittaofficial

Sinitta has been a staunch ally of the LGBTQI community, often appearing at Pride events across the UK to lend her support. In 2018 she released the Pride anthem, Shine With Pride.


The people making a difference in the world of business

Curt Hess

Chief Operating Officer - 10x Future Technologies @10xBanking

Since winning the Straight Ally of the Year Award at the Out In the City and G3 Magazine Awards in 2014, Curt has ensured that LGBTQI issues have been championed in every aspect of his work.

Diony Lebot

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Société Générale @DionyLebot   @SocieteGenerale

Diony Lebot is a vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ equality and a powerful advocate for inclusion, calling for all members of the society to take action in creating a welcoming, inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ employees. She has been instrumental in Société Générale signing the L’Autre Cercle charter to promote LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the workplace.

Ian Donaldson

CEO - Atlanta Group @idonno07   @atlantagroupuk

Ian drives LGBTQI inclusion in every aspect of the business. Atlanta sponsors local Pride events, embraces rainbows for Pride month and raises awareness through their various channels.

June Sarpong OBE

Director of Creative Diversity - BBC @junesarpong @BBC

June was appointed to her current role in 2019. She uses her position to ensure fair representation of all minorities, including the LGBTQI community, throughout all of the BBC.

Karen Bosher

Executive Board Director - Greene King @Bosher16 @greeneking

Greene King launched its LGBTQI network with Karen’s support. The network, The Village Greene, has grown from strength to strength since it started in 2019.

Mark Hamilton

Head of Regional Marketing Social Good EMEA - Facebook @markyham @Facebook

Mark was instrumental in Facebook’s sponsorship of Lesbian Visibility Week 2021, reflecting the company’s support for the LGBTQI community.

Peter Markey

Chief Marketing Officer - Boots UK @petermarkey  @BootsUK

Peter won Diversity Champion at the European Diversity Awards and highly commended in The Rainbow Honours as Corporate Ally. He is Exec Sponsor for LGBT+ network Boots Pride.

Sue Fox

Country CEO, Channel Islands and Isle of Man - HSBC @HSBC

The Executive Ally for HSBC’s D&I Allies group, Sue has helped put on events, implementing training and publishing content to improve inclusion within the bank.

Wincie Knight

Vice President of Global Inclusion Strategy - Viacom @VIMN_PR

Wincie leads VCNI’s diversity and inclusion strategy in EMEA. She is a brilliant advocate, proudly championing a company culture centred on belonging.

Zaheer Ahmad MBE

Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity, Consumer Healthcare - GSK @GSK

Zaheer has won multiple awards as a Diversity and Inclusion thought leader. He joined GSK as their Global Head of D&I in Jan 2021.


Adele Roberts & Kate Holderness

BBC Radio 1 DJ @adeleroberts

Actor @KateHolderness

Both brilliant broadcasters in their own right, Adele and Kate have recently been working as a double act with appearances on E4’s Celebrity Coach Trip and presenting the DIVA Awards 2021.

Anita Asante & Beth Fisher

Aston Villa Footballer @NicenNeetz

ITV News Sports reporter & presenter @BethFisherSport

Anita is a footballer and Olympian, while Beth is a hockey player turned presenter. In 2020 the pair gave their first interview as a couple, speaking to Sky Sports as part of Lesbian Visibility Week.

Clare Balding & Alice Arnold

Broadcaster, journalist, and author @clarebalding

Journalist and broadcaster @alicearnold1

Claire and Alice met in 1999 when they both worked for the BBC. We have rarely seen them together onscreen, until their recent appearance as celebrity guests on Gogglebox.

Dustin Black & Tom Daley

Author, campaigner and film maker @DLanceBlack

Olympic diver @TomDaley1994

Dustin is an author, campaigner and filmmaker, perhaps best known for his biopic of gay American politician, Harvey Milk. Tom is one of the most successful British divers of all time.

Elton John & David Furnish

Singer songwriter @eltonofficial

CEO Rocket Entertainment Group, Chairman Elton John AIDS Foundation @davidfurnish

Pop superstar Elton and filmmaker and former advertising executive David have been a couple for over two decades. Together they raise millions for charity and in 2014 they were awarded the Human Rights Campaign Equality Award.

Ollie & Gareth Locke

TV personality & actor @ollielocke

TV personality on Made in Chelsea @garethplocke

Ollie and Gareth finally married, after Covid changed many of their plans. The duo were wed in The Natural History Museum in December 2020. They are currently sharing their journey to parenthood on Made in Chelsea.

Rose and Rosie

YouTube sensations and podcast hosts @RoseEllenDix @Roxetera

Already YouTube sensations, the couple started their podcast Parental Guidance in 2020, allowing us to follow their journey to parenthood. They are expecting a child this summer.

Rylan & Dan Clark-Neal

TV personality and radio host @Rylan

Presenter and former Police Officer @danclarkneal

Rylan exploded onto our TV screens auditioning for 2012’s X Factor and, since then, he has seldom been off them. In 2016, Rylan and Dan made history when they became the first gay couple to present This Morning.

Sue Perkins & Anna Richardson

Actress, broadcaster, comedian, presenter and writer @sueperkins

Television presenter, writer and journalist @AnnaRichardso

Sue and Anna have been the faces of some of the UK’s most popular programmes. Anna presents the Channel 4 show Naked Attraction and earlier this year Sue was unveiled as the celebrity inside the dragon costume on The Masked Singer.


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John Nyquist
John Nyquist
10 oct. 2021

Why are the CEO of Apple and the U.S. Secretary of Transportation not included?


Lori Halderson
Lori Halderson
27 juin 2021

Why doesn't the ugliest mongoloids on earth, repair all the soil that is destroyed and get mineral rain to fall and real food in your racketeering grocery stores. Do something prideful.

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