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Celebrating Queer Black Voices

UK Black Pride stands in solidarity with all prides and their communities celebrating virtually and from home. We want to amplify the voices of those protesting for change within the Black Lives Matter movement, remembering all black lives matter. We’re here to lift the voices of our trans brothers and sisters.

When Lady Phyll and a busload of Black lesbi-ans travelled to Southend-on-Sea in 2005 for the first UK Black Pride, no one could have imagined just how big this safe and brave space would grow. UK Black Pride has become Europe’s largest celebration for LGBTQI people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American descent, but more than that, UK Black Pride is also a movement. We deserve spaces to call our own, where we can celebrate who we are safely. We deserve to be surrounded by people who love us, who understand us and who want to see us win. We deserve moments in which we can breathe, relax, let our hair down, where we don’t have to worry about explaining our existence to others. We deserve to find joy publicly, loudly and with abandon.

UK Black Pride has become a home for many. From the volunteers who work year round to sup-port Lady Phyll and the communities we represent, to those who attend the annual event, each finds a space to exhale, to find joy and to feel safe. The fact of the matter is, too many of us don’t have safe spaces we can go back to, or family who love us without conditions and expectations. We all come from a long-line of queer Black and brown people who have fought to create homes that live up to their definition: a place where we are loved, respect-ed and cared for.

To celebrate our 15th birthday and to reaffirm our commitment to our communities, UK Black Pride’s 2020 theme is “Home”. We hope to always be that place you feel you can come to when your feet are tired and your heart is heavy. We hope to continue to create spaces for you all that remind you that with us is one of the places where you belong.


1. ​Ben Hunte

BBC’s First LGBT Correspondent


In April of 2019, Ben Hunte was appointed as the BBC’s first ever LGBT Correspondent, marking a watershed moment for reportage on sexuality and gender. Since starting the role, Ben has uncovered how black male victims of sexual abuse are ignored by the government, and broke the news of HRH Prince William supporting a hypothetical LGBTQI royal. His digital films, covering issues such as racism within the LGBTQI dating scene, garner millions of views. Due to his remarkable broadcasting, Ben Hunte has been nominated for awards from the Royal Television Society, PinkNews, and the British LGBT Awards. Ben’s work signals how LGBTQI issues will be brought to public attention in the future.


2. Peter Tatchell


LGBT Campaigner, Activist

Peter Tatchell has been a persistent and powerful presence in the history of LGBTQI and human rights advancements in the UK for over 50 years. He took part in the UK’s first ever Pride march in London in 1972. The founder of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, Tatchell remains an instrumental part of the fight to raise consciousness, and protection of human rights in the UK and worldwide, primarily against anti-LGBTQI policy.


3. Dr. Ranj Singh


​TV Presenter, Columnist, Author, Doctor

Resident Doctor on This Morning, and recently starring in his own show, Dr Ranj: On Call, Ranj does a phenomenal job in providing representation for LGBTQI Asians in the UK. He frequently discusses the challenges surrounding LGBTQI acceptance in the media as well as in wider society. As a health columnist for Attitude, he writes on the importance of all members of the community having a better understanding of their physical and mental health.


4. Phyll Opoku-Gyimah


​Co-Founder, UK Black Pride

Executive Director and Co-Founder of UK Black Pride, DIVA Magazine Columnist, and Executive Director of Kaleidoscope Trust, Lady Phyll has a phenomenal track record in successfully campaigning for the better treatment of BAME members of the LGBTQI community. She passionately stands up for the rights of humans across the world, famously denying an MBE in 2016 as a protest against the anti-LGBTQI laws around the world that were put in place by Britain’s colonialist regimes.


5. Munroe Bergdorf


​Model, Trans Activist

Munroe Bergdorf is a transgender model, performer, and activist. She has been in the modelling world since 2014, hoping to empower younger transgender children through representation, walking at both London and NYC Fashion Week. She is courageous and tireless in her activism, having been appointed LGBTQI adviser to the Labour Party in 2018, and is unafraid to call out hypocrisy in the industry and take a stand for justice and equity for all black transgender women.


6. Alison Camps


Co-Chair, Pride In London

Pride In London is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing the UK’s biggest, most diverse Pride. As Co-Chair, Alison Camps is committed to ensuring that every member of the LGBTQI community is heard at the event. She is responsible for Pride’s social media campaigns: in 2020, #YouMeUsWe calls on everyone, in and out of the community, to reach out and understand one another with support. Her work allows LGBTQI people from all walks of life to celebrate and challenge prejudice together.


7. Michael Cashman, CBE


Member of the House of Lords

Michael Cashman’s activism has been integral to the forward momentum of LGBTQI rights for over 30 years. He is one of the founders of Stonewall, and as a member of parliament, has tirelessly fought to tackle the rise of homophobia in the European Union, and was appointed CBE in 2013 for his political services. He also famously acted on EastEnders, being the first person to portray a same-sex kiss on mainstream TV – a defiant move for the time.


8. Gareth Thomas


​Ex Welsh Rugby Captain, Campaigner

Gareth Thomas is a professional rugby player, having led the Welsh team to victory for four rugby league caps. Thomas came out as gay in 2009, which helped normalise LGBTQI individuals in the sporting world, and was awarded the most influential gay person in The Independent on Sunday’s Pink List, and received Stonewall’s Hero of the Year award. He is currently leading the Tackle HIV campaign, challenging the stigma and misunderstanding of HIV.


9. ​Hannah Graf, MBE


​Patron of Mermaids, Ambassador for LGBT Sport Cymru

Previously an Officer in the British Army, Hannah Graf is the highest-ranking transgender officer, receiving an MBE for her services. Coming out in 2013, she became the Army’s Transgender Representative as a part of the Army LGBT Forum, mentoring and supporting the Army’s many transgender soldiers. Wanting to share her story with the wider public to increase awareness, Hannah has conducted interviews on multiple TV shows and advocated for transgender rights with her husband, Jake Graf.


10. Jake Graf


​Writer, Director, Actor, Trans Advocate

Jake Graf is the writer and director of several short films exploring gender identity, including Dusk, Brace, and Chance. Through expressing his own experiences of being transgender, Jake hopes to normalize queer and trans experiences to a greater audience, taking away the fear and misinformation that surrounds the topic. Along with his wife, Hannah Graf, he is an advocate for transgender rights in the UK, and has most recently fathered a child using his eggs that were frozen pre-transition.


11. ​Sir Ian McKellen

Actor, LGBTQI Activist


A multi-award-winning Actor of both stage and screen, Sir Ian McKellen is one of Britain’s most successful actors and an enduring LGBTQI advocate. Ian came out in 1988, shortly after Section 28 was passed, co-founding the now iconic LGBTQI rights organisation, Stonewall. His commitment to striving for legal and social equality for all LGBTQI people sees him continue to visit Secondary Schools and Universities to spread messages of positivity.

12. Sandi Toksvig, OBE

Writer, Actor, Comedian, Presenter, Producer


Sandi Toksvig has enjoyed a long career on British television, beginning in children’s TV in the 1980s. Since then, she has made a name for herself in comedy, appearing in Mock the Week, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and as a host on QI and The Great British Bake Off. She has been out since 1994, and has been a lifelong campaigner for LGBTQI rights. She was also the winner of Broadcaster of the Year at the 2019 DIVA Awards.

13. Bobby Cole Norris

Television Personality


Since 2012, Bobby Cole Norris has made regular appearances on the ITVBe series The Only Way Is Essex. Bobby is an openly gay man, and has spoken out about homophobic abuse he has received online. In 2019, he utilised his large social media following to create a petition to criminalize online homophobic abuse, and spoke in parliament about this campaign.

14. Bobbi Pickard

Founder, Trans In The City, Co-Chair BP Pride Transgender Group


Bobbi Pickard is an extremely active member of the transgender community, who brings her highly experienced project and programme management skills from her successful career at BP to Trans In The City, her collaborative organisation that increases awareness and education of trans issues. She has been instrumental in changing the company culture around trans issues, appearing at panel events in the UK and abroad as a Diversity Role Model.

15. Nancy Kelley

Chief Executive, Stonewall


Taking over from Ruth Hunt, Nancy Kelley is the new Chief Executive at Stonewall, after a successful position as the Deputy Chief Executive at the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen). Much of her work at NatCen saw Nancy work on changing public attitudes to LGBTQI identities and communities. As new Chief Executive, she will endeavour to ensure that the benefits of social change are felt by all members of the LGBTQI community, including BAME citizens and those in poverty.

16. Owen Jones

Columnist, Author, Commentator, Activist


Owen Jones is a political commentator, journalist, and activist for the British Labour Party. His work has been published in The Independent, New Statesman, and writes a regular column for The Guardian. He is openly gay and a socialist, criticising those who give a platform to those who would incite hatred for minorities in his journalistic career. He is also the author of two books: Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class, and The Establishment: How They Get Away With It.

17. Clare Balding, OBE

Broadcaster, Journalist, Author


With a journalistic career going back to 1994, Clare Balding is one of Britain’s foremost sports broadcasters. She has worked on The Olympic Games, The Paralympic Games, Winter Olympics, and racing for Channel 4 and the BBC. Her excellence in broadcasting has seen her win a BAFTA for her work on the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. She regularly attends LGBTQI industry events and is a vocal member of the community.

18. Anthony Watson

Founder & CEO, TBOL


A leading business and technology executive, Anthony Watson has an undeniable track record of championing LGBTQI rights and inclusion in his career. He was the first openly gay Chief Information Officer at a Fortune 100 Company (NIKE). Currently the CEO of his finance company TBOL, he is also the first Briton to be included on the board of directors at GLAAD, a Patron of Diversity Role Models, and Chair of the Labour Party’s Business & Enterprise Council, positions he holds to this day.

19. Jameela Jamil

Actress, Radio Presenter, Model, Activist


Jameela Jamil rose to prominence through radio as the first female presenter of The Official Chart Show on BBC Radio 1. She has since made a career in acting, appearing in the comedy drama The Good Place. She uses her platform to tirelessly campaign for the rights of many, including the LGBTQI community. Unafraid to point out hypocrisy and problematic social norms, Jameela challenges notions of queer womanhood, appearing in a suit and tie on the cover of Playboy’s March 2020 On Speech issue

20. Ruth Hunt

Member of the House of Lords


Ruth Hunt’s contributions to the LGBTQI community go all the way back to 2005, when she joined Stonewall, progressing through the company to the position of Chief Executive from 2014 to 2019. Her knowledge and skill saw through the development of campaigns to tackle homophobic bullying in schools, effective interventions to improve LGBTQI health, as well as outreach to groups from different ethnicities and religions. Her legacy is one of indefatigable, truly intersectional support of all LGBTQI people.

21. Ian H Walkins

Singer, Performer


Previously known as “H from Steps”, Ian Watkins has been out since 2007, and has competed on several reality TV competitions. In 2020, he made TV history by competing on Dancing On Ice as one half of a same-sex coupling, the first pairing of that kind on the show.

22. Stephen Fry

Actor, Presenter, Writer, Comedian, Activist


With a career in television spanning nearly 40 years, as well as a prolific writing career, Stephen Fry is extremely vocal in support of LGBTQI rights and advocacy across the world, having demonstrated his support for charities such as Stonewall, the AIDS Memorial Campaign, and many others.

23. Sheldon Mills

Stonewall Chair of Trustees

In April 2020, Sheldon Mills was appointed Stonewall’s new Chair of Trustees. Sheldon first joined the Board of Trustees in January 2013, making him the charity’s longest-standing trustee. During this time, he’s been involved with Stonewall’s move to become trans-inclusive and has long supported Stonewall’s ground-breaking partnership with UK Black Pride.

24. Hannah Bardell

Member of Parliament, Livingston


As the SNP MP for Livingston, Hannah Bardell is one of 32 LGBTQI MPs, having served the constituency for five years. In 2017, she presented a BBC documentary about the difficulty LGBTQI politicians face. She was also awarded with Politician of the Year at the 2018 DIVA Awards.

25. Suzi Ruffell

Comedian, Actor, Writer


One of the UK’s best up-and-coming acts, Suzi Ruffell won the 2019 Chortle Awards prize for best club comic. She has appeared on TV shows such as Live at The Apollo and Roast Battle. In 2020, she released a new podcast, Out With Suzi Ruffell, which explores coming out and finding your place in the world as an LGBTQI person.

26. Liv Little

Editor-In-Chief, Founder, gal-dem


Prolific writer and curator, Liv Little founded gal-dem in 2015, a critically acclaimed magazine championing the creative contributions of women and non-binary people of colour. Liv has won the Gay Times Honour for Media award, and has spoken at panels of audiences of up to 10,000 people.

27. Jane Hill

Journalist & Broadcaster


As one of the main presenters for BBC News since 1991, Jane Hill is an established, award-winning journalist. A champion for diversity and inclusivity, Jane came out in 2009 and has championed LGBTQI rights since then. In 2017, she hosted the inaugural DIMAS Diversity in Media Awards.

28. Gina Yashere

Comedian, Actor


Gina Yashere is a London-born Nigerian comic, whose appearances on television shows such as Live At The Apollo and Mock The Week have led to a highly successful career in America and across the world. Her stand-up sometimes covers her lesbian identity, which she freely mentions as one aspect of her “plural identity”.

29. Sarah Garrett, MBE

Founder, Investing in Ethnicity Awards & British LGBT Awards


With nearly 20 years of experience in LGBTQI journalism and activism, Sarah Garrett is the founder of several organisations championing for progression in the UK. Her work in diversity and inclusion recognises and rewards the contributions of British LGBTQI individuals.

30. Mhairi Black

Member of Parliament, Paisley & Renfrewshire South


SNP Member of Parliament Mhairi Black made headlines as the youngest ever MP elected – at age 20 – since 1832. Mhairi’s political platform has expressed her support for same-sex marriage in Ireland and advocating for LGBTQI rights, and in 2018, she was polled as the second most influential woman in Britain.

31. Liz Carr

Actor, Comedian, Disability Rights Campaigner


After a seven-year stint in Silent Witness, Liz Carr has recently appeared in The OA and Devs. She is open about her experiences in her frank stand-up routines on themes of disability and sexuality. For over 20 years, Liz has campaigned for disability and LGBTQI rights through groups such as ADAPT.

32. Asifa Lahore

Drag Queen, Activist


The UK’s first out Muslim drag queen, Asifa challenges restrictions of what it means to be LGBTQI, Muslim, and South Asian in the UK. Her activism on topics such as race, gender, and sexuality has seen her gain a nomination for the British LGBT Awards Online Influencer 2020.

33. Claire Harvey, MBE

Paralympian, Founder, Anatta Limited


A prominent GB Paralympian in sitting volleyball and track and field. In 2019 Harvey founded Anatta Limited a company that helps leaders transform their business by supporting them to create an agile, inclusive culture in which people thrive and belong. She has become a Trustee of Diversity Role Models since stepping down as their CEO at the end of 2018

34. Daniel Hughes

Public Relations


Daniel Hughes is the founder of ThisGeneration, a leading LGBTQI PR firm whose clients include the DIVA Awards, and the British LGBT Awards. His expertise in spearheading campaigns has seen him work with individuals as diverse as The Labour Party to Westlife.

35. Jessica Kellgren-Fozard



Bringing a distinctive vintage flair to her videos, Jessica uses her following to educate her viewers on LGBTQI issues, as well as concerns of the deaf and disabled communities, all of which she is a member of. Her advocacy is a shining example on the importance of diversity in the community.

36. Charlie Condou

Actor, Columnist


Charlie Condou is best known for his work on soap opera Coronation Street, and recently, Holby City. His activism has been noted by several LGBTQI influencer lists, especially for his advocacy for non-traditional families, a topic on which he delivered seminars on in 2019.

37. Tim Jarman

Assistant Director for Diversity & Inclusiveness, EY


Having held his position at EY for over six years, Tim works with his colleagues to achieve Diversity and Inclusiveness aims, including aiming for intersectional inclusivity and a culture of belonging. His work in EY’s LGBTQI network, Unity, demonstrates his passion for equality and belonging.

38. Sophie Ward

Actor, Writer


Sophie Ward is an actor of great renown, having appeared in film, TV, and theatre from the age of 10. She was one of the first actors to come out as a lesbian, in 1996, and has been a lifelong campaigner for LGBTQI rights. Her latest novel, Love and Other Thought Experiments, explores philosophy of mind through the lens of relationships.

39. Annie Wallace



BAFTA-Nominated Annie Wallace is best known for playing Sally St. Claire in Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks since 2015. She is the first transgender person to portray a regular character in British soap history, marking a historic moment in trans visibility. She donates her time to Mermaids, Mardi Gras, and Pride.

40. Ryan John Butcher

Journalist, Editor


In-house editor at PinkNews, Ryan Butcher’s work has also appeared in The Independent and Gay Times. Ryan has used his platform at PinkNews to openly call-out times when politicians and prominent figures have fallen short in supporting the LGBTQI community, as well as providing entertaining media coverage.

41. Calum McSwiggan

Writer, Blogger, Radio Presenter


With a YouTube following of 90k subscribers, Calum McSwiggan has blogged on a variety of LGBTQI topics since 2013, including mental health, sex life, and relationships. He has also collaborated with LGBTQI charity Switchboard in the past to support the charity’s relaunch effort.

42. Heather Peace

Actress, Musician


Heather Peace has starred in a number of UK television dramas, as well as sustaining a singing career, having recently released an acoustic album recorded during lockdown. She is an advocate for several LGBTQI equality causes, as a matron of Manchester Pride, as well as hosting and curating her own stage at the event.

43. Edward Enninful, OBE

Editor-In-Chief, British Vogue


Edward Enninful has held the position of Editor-In-Chief at British Vogue since 2017. He is renowned for blending street style with sartorial elegance. He has used his platform to speak out against homophobia in the fashion industry, as well as how being different allowed his career to develop.

44. Olly Alexander

Singer, Songwriter, Actor


Olly Alexander is best known for being the lead singer of Years & Years. He is a vocal about a wide range of LGBTQI subjects, including ending homophobic bullying and LGBTQI inclusion in sex education. By speaking frankly about his own struggles, Olly opens up the conversation for difficult topics.

45. Jack Monroe

Author, Cook, Activist


Jack Monroe came to public knowledge through their blog, A Girl Called Jack, where they shared cheap recipes for sustaining themselves on the living wage. After coming out as non-binary in 2015, Jack has been a prominent activist for LGBTQI causes, as well as those concerned with ending poverty.

46. Horse McDonald



Described by Q Magazine as having “one of the finest voices in Britain”, Horse has delivered powerhouse vocals and song-writing brilliance over three decades. She is a proud member of the lesbian community, as well as a patron to Switchboard, an LGBTQI lifeline charity.

47. Moud Goba

Community Engagement Director, UK Black Pride


With over 15 years of experience working within BME LGBTQI communities, Moud is a Zimbabwean refugee who brings her expertise to UK Black Pride and Micro Rainbow International. A proud lesbian, Moud was the recipient of the Attitude Pride Award in 2015 and continues to be recognised for her activism.

48. Phillip Schofield

Television Presenter


Phillip Schofield has been on British Television since 1985, and is best-known for providing his charismatic commentary on This Morning. In February 2020, Phillip came out as gay to an abundance of support, demonstrating that coming out later in life is a brave and powerful act.

49. Dr Ronx Ikharia

A&E Doctor


Having risen to fame in the BBC series The Unshockable Dr. Ronx, Ronx Ikharia is known for their expertise, natural charm and ability to get people openly discussing their health problems. They are also proudly gender non-conforming, hoping to help people become more open to androgynous, queer identities.

50. Lotte Jeffs

Writer, Editor, Creative Director


Having previously worked as Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Magazine UK, Lotte is now Creative Director at Ogilvy. Her book, How To Be A Gentlewoman: The Art of Soft Power In Hard Times, explores how to bring a light touch to an often-harsh life.

51. Simon Blake OBE

Deputy Chair, Stonewall UK, Chief Executive, MHFA England


Simon Blake has previously worked as Chief Executive of the National Union of Students. At Stonewall, he is committed to reaching equality for LGBTQI people at all stages of life through writing educational resources and chairing Diversity Role Models.

52. Bisi Alimi

Founder & Executive Director, Bisi Alimi Foundation


Bisi Alimi, a gay rights and HIV activist, rose to fame as the first person to come out as gay on Nigerian television. With over 15 years of experience working on sexual orientation in Africa, he works to accelerate social acceptance of LGBTQI people in Nigeria.

53. Charlie Martin

British racing driver


Charlie is a British racing driver aiming to become the first transgender driver to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. She is also outspoken about LGBTQI rights, having recorded her transition on YouTube to inspire other young trans people.

54. Jamie Windust

Editor, Writer, Public Speaker


Jamie Windust is Editor-In-Chief of the award-winning magazine, FRUITCAKE, and has also written articles for other publications. They regularly speak at panels on non-binary identity, freelance journalism, and LGBTQI equality.

55. Sophie Duker

Stand-up comedian, Writer


A charismatic pansexual comedian, Sophie Duker’s 2019 stand-up show Venus appeared at Edinburgh Fringe, challenging the UK’s perception of black bodies. She is also a guest writer for HuffPost, and a Podcast host for BBC’s Obsessed With...

56. Baroness Liz Barker

House of Lords, Liberal Democrats


Liberal Democrat life peer, Liz Barker came out as a lesbian during the second reading of the Equal Marriage Bill in 2013. She has since supported multiple LGBTQI charities, including Opening Doors London, and the Albert Kennedy Trust.

57. Ian Green

Chief Executive, Terrence Higgins Trust


As Executive of the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity, Ian Green brings over 25 years of experience in health, local government, and social care sectors to contribute to the end of HIV transmissions and support to those living with HIV.

58 Charlie Craggs

Author, Trans Activist


Charlie Craggs is best known for her national Nail Transphobia campaign, travelling the UK with a team of transgender nail techs, in order to sit down and have a chat with a trans person to amend misconceptions of trans people and build trans allyship.

59. Lianne Sanderson

Professional Footballer, TV Personality


Lianne Sanderson made her international football debut in 2006 as a forward. Lianne regularly makes appearances on SkySportsNews and has been outspoken against the inequalities in the world of women’s football.

60 Mandu Reid

Leader, Women’s Equality Party


Since 2020, Mandu Reid has acted as the Leader of the Women’s Equality Party. In an interview with DIVA Magazine, she has been described as the UK’s first black, bisexual leader of a political party, and seeks to make real structural change.

61. Mzz Kimberley / Kim Tatum

Trans Singer & Actress


Mzz K has performed in several cabaret acts across the UK, on top of appearing internationally in several theatrical productions. She is the founding director of Mzz Kimberley’s LIFE, seeking to amplify trans voices across the entertainment industry.

62. Wes Streeting

Politician, Labour Party


Since 2015, Wes Streeting has served as MP for Ilford North, having previously worked as Head of Education at Stonewall. He has spent much of his time in parliament and outside of it working to tackle disadvantages in education that several minorities face.

63. Sarah O’Connell

Host of The Sarah O’Connell show, Film Critic


In her show, Sarah O’Connell interviews a variety of entertainers in her personable style. In 2017, she featured in Horizon: Being Transgender, a documentary that helped to increase visibility and awareness of trans people in the UK.

64. Michelle Hardwick



Michelle Hardwick is best known for acting in Emmerdale as Vanessa Woodfield. She won Actor of the Year at the DIVA Awards in 2019, providing great representation for engaging lesbian characters on UK Television.

65. Andy Woodfield

Partner, PwC


Founder of the LGBTQI network Shine at PwC, Andy is also the chief Sales and Marketing Officer in the organisation. His debut book, This is Your Moment, is due to come out soon, exploring how to strengthen your personal and business identities.

66. Cliff Joannou

Editor-In-Chief, Attitude Magazine


As Editor-In-Chief, Cliff Joannou uses his platform at Attitude to unite the rifts within the LGBTQI community, promoting the fight against racism, transphobia, the stigma against those with HIV, and other forms of discrimination.

67. Joseph Galliano

Co-Founder & CEO, Queer Britain


Queer Britain is a charity aiming to create the UK’s first national LGBTQI museum. Joseph Galliano is currently part of a collaboration, Queer Pandemic, a video-based project to accumulate experiences of LGBTQI people in the UK under the COVID-19 pandemic.

68. Rikkie Beadle-Blair, MBE

Actor, Director, Writer, Choreographer


Rikkie Beadle-Blair was awarded an MBE in 2016 for services to drama. His career spans several decades and has seen him produce, direct, design, and star in diverse and challenging shows. He is the founder of Team Angelica, championing entertainment with spirit and soul.

69. Arlene McDermott

Portfolio Director, LSEG


Portfolio Director at London Stock Exchange Group, McDermott brings 10 years of experience in implementing large-scale initiatives and implementation strategies. She specialises in enforcing cultural transformation and team leadership in the workplace.

70. Hugo Greenhalgh

Editor, Journalist


After over a decade at the Financial Times, Hugo Greenhalgh is now editor for Openly, the LGBTQI site from the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Hugo’s editorial work delivers fair and impartial LGBTQI news, using reportage to advance human rights.

71 Reeta Loi

Writer, Musician, Activist


As co-founder and CEO of, Reeta Loi has been extremely vocal for the South Asian LGBTQI community in the UK and for diversity within the community at large. Reeta is currently a contributing editor for Gay Times and is also writing her debut novel.

72. Divina De Campo

Drag Queen


Divina De Campo was a finalist on the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. Her work in drag has seen her support the George House Trust, supporting those living with HIV, as well as using her platform to fiercely fight against LGBTQI discrimination in the UK.

73. Shahmir Sanni

Journalist, Whistleblower


Best known for being The Brexit Whistleblower, Shahmir is a queer immigrant British Muslim. He continues to use his platform to fight for uncovering and dismantling systematic oppression, corruption, and for justice.

74. Dave Cross

Event Manager, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern


Dave joined the management team at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern 9 months ago and is helping continue the legacy of its iconic LGBTQI history. Winning London’s Best Cabaret Venue in both 2018 and 2019, the whole team has kept South London’s oldest surviving gay venue thriving.

75. Sue Sanders

Professor & Chair, Schools Out UK


As Chair of Schools Out UK, Sue Sanders has provided educational resources for LGBTQI History. She has worked in challenging oppression in the charity sector for over forty years, supporting voices and visibility of the UK’s rich queer history.

76. Joe Lycett

Comedian, TV Presenter


Best-known for presenting The Great British Sewing Bee and his own show, Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back, Joe is a known advocate for LGBTQI and consumer’s rights, referring to his sexuality in many of his stand-up routines.

77. Olly Pike

Children’s Author, Director of Pop’n’Olly


Author of several inclusive books for children, Olly Pike is the founder of Pop’n’Olly, an educational resource for schools and homes to teach children about equality and diversity, helping to create an accepting and nurturing environment for all children.

78. Tea Uglow

Literary Agent, Writer, Creative Director, Google’s Creative Lab Sydney


Tea Uglow works with Google and other organisations to connect technology and the arts. A trans activist, Tea is also author of Loud and Proud, a collection of speeches from the LGBTQI community that have inspired change and conversation across the world.

79. Amelia Abraham

Journalist, Writer


Amelia Abraham has written for British Vogue, The Guardian, and Dazed, focusing on reporting on LGBTQI identity politics. Her first book, Queer Intentions, was longlisted for the 2020 Polari Book Prize, and a second book, an anthology on LGBTQI rights, has been announced.

80. Andrew Moffat, MBE

Teacher, Writer, Founder of No Outsiders programme


Andrew Moffat has contributed outstanding work to teaching diversity within primary-school aged children, creating resources and writing books encouraging equality and tolerance of all. His work saw him win an MBE in 2017.

81. Anne Choma

Writer, Historian


Author of Gentleman Jack – The Real Anne Lister, Anne has devoted her studies to the life and work of Anne Lister. Through exploring Lister’s diaries, Anne has helped bring to light the rich LGBTQI history that exists in the UK.

82. Layla Moran

British Liberal Democrat Politician


Layla Moran has served as the Member of Parliament for Oxford West and Abingdon since 2017. She is Britain’s first openly Pansexual MP, and in March 2020, announced her bid in the running for the 2020 Liberal Democrats leadership election.

83. Vincent Francois

Regional Chief Audit Executive & UK Pride & Allies Network Chair, Société Générale


As the chair of the UK Pride & Allies Network at Société Générale, Vincent founded the network a decade ago in 2010. He has been key in how Société Générale has provided support to multiple LGBTQI events and charities.

84. Jordan Gray

Comedian, Screenwriter


Rising to fame on The Voice 2016, Jordan has since moved to comedy script-writing and performing, most recently writing and starring in Transaction, a Comedy Central Original Mini-Series. Jordan also hosts a weekly radio show on Phoenix98FM.

85. Florence Given

Queer Artist & Illustrator, Writer


Florence rose to fame through her colourful illustrations, and slogans, which boldly challenge social issues surrounding gender identity, sexuality, and race. She is the author of the best-selling book Women Don’t Owe You Pretty, an introduction guide to feminism.

86 Nick Grimshaw

Television and Radio presenter


Best known for his BBC Radio 1 Drivetime show, which he has hosted since 2018, Grimmy’s infectious charm and wit has made him one of the UK’s most successful and beloved radio presenters, as well as an out and proud gay role model.

87. Mark McLane

Head of Diversity and Inclusion, M&G plc


Since 2018, Mark is the Head of Diversity and Inclusion at M&G plc, promoting employees to be their truest selves in the workplace. Mark believes that by breaking barriers, LGBTQI employees can work with more confidence, creativity, and productivity.

88. TJ Richards

Co-Chair, Santander Embrace LGBT+ Network, Director, Q:alliance


TJ has fought for advocacy and inclusion of truly intersectional diversity in the workplace and in wider society, working with Santander’s Embrace LGBT+ Network to encourage open conversation about LGBTQI employees, and in her personal time, also putting in hours into Queer charities in Milton Keynes.

89. Tanya Compas

Multi-Award-Winning Youth Worker, Black LGBT rights advocate


Tanya Compas is a community organiser and founder of Queer Black Christmas. In 2020, Tanya has set up the Exist Loudly organisation, which exists to fund Queer Black Young People in London through programming, and to support those outside of London digitally.

90. Rob Davey

IP Group Strategy VP, Clarivate, Trustee, Bi Pride UK

@BiPrideUK | @robertdavey

As a Trustee of Bi Pride UK, Rob Davey contributes to the mission of allowing those who experience attraction beyond gender to celebrate their identities without fear of disrespect, erasure, or harassment.

91. Pav Akhtar

Director, UK Black Pride


As Director of UK Black Pride, Pav provides a place for celebration and advocacy for BAME LGBTQI people across the UK. He is an advocate for equality in employment laws amongst these groups, advocating for Pride as a place of protest as well as festivity.

92. Polly Shute

Director, Help for Heroes, Former Board Member, Pride In London


Polly Shute has always been an advocate for LGBTQI inclusion and advocacy. By founding the Sponsorship and Fundraising functions of Pride In London, her work has increased donations to the charity, allowing Pride events to grow in support.

93. Steve Taylor

Co-Founder of Global Pride, Comms. Director for Copenhagen 2021


With nearly 20 years of experience in civil society campaigns and communications, Steve Taylor uses his talents to organise and advocate for Pride events in the UK and across Europe. As a passionate supporter of LGBTQI human rights and gender equality, he has seen in the increase of Pride parades across the UK.

94. Holly Greenberry

Founder & Co-Chair, Intersex UK


Holly Greenberry tirelessly fights for intersex rights, promoting medical understanding of the intersex experience. Intersex UK provides education, consultancy, and advocacy for intersex individuals, working to end needless surgery. By promoting autonomy for intersex people, Holly raises public awareness through community outreach.

95. Tom Allen

Comedian, Actor, Writer


Tom Allen is best known for TV appearances across UK television shows, most recently co-hosting Bake Off: The Professionals. Performing stand-up with his unique style of a sharp tongue and a hyperbolic, camp delivery, Tom has been outward about his sexuality since 2014, providing levity about his own experience.

96. Matthew Hodson

Executive Director, NAM aidsmap


As Executive Director at NAM aidsmap, a UK-based AIDS/HIV charity, Matthew fulfils the mission statement of the charity to provide independent, accurate, and clear information in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Advocating for better services and challenging the stigma and discrimination against those affected by HIV.

97. Valentino Vecchietti

Intersex Activist, Journalist


As well as being a Journalist and public speaker, Valentino works within TV, film, and theatre as a consultant on projects concerning intersex human rights. Valentino also provides seminars, talks, and workshops on improving intersex representation and inclusion in the media.

98. Mridul Wadhwa

Manager, Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre, Trans Rights Campaigner


Mridul is the Manager of the Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre in Edinburgh, providing support, advocacy, and protection for many. She commits her time to community outreach, consistently speaking out against transphobia and other forms of discrimination in Scotland and across the UK.

99. Natasha Walker

Co-Chair, Switchboard

@maudeandtrevor (personal) @switchboardLGBT (professional)

Natasha is currently the co-chair of Switchboard, an LGBTQI helpline that has been operating for over 46 years. She is also the co-host of The Log Books, a queer history podcast that looks through the log-books of Switchboard, discussing the changing face of the UK’s attitudes towards sexuality and gender identity.

100. Hazell Dean



Best-known for her 80s dance and club hits, the Hi-NRG Queen has been made a patron of Pride in Surrey. After making her gay club performance debut at Heaven in 1984, Hazell has committed herself to being a prominent member of the LGBTQI community, performing at pride events across the world.



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